Our Origin

Kailash Foundation For Development (KFD), is a non-government and nonprofit organization operating in Madhya Pradesh which had its inception and subsequent registration in the year 1996. This organization was established by a group of committed individuals in order to render social services among the poor and needy. The organization since its inception is striving to be a pioneer organization specializing at developing and empowering communities to improve their quality of life and become more productive.

The organization had its focus attention towards the quality of life of the informal sector communities through interventions that promote sustainable development and empower them to foster their own development. The organization is also rendering its valuable services for various technical and social causes of the weaker section.

The organization carries out a wide range of developmental activities, however, its thrust areas of working are literacy, women & child development, poverty eradication, rehabilitation work, health & hygiene, especially for the poor tribal mass. At present, there are nearly 18,000 poor families under the fold of the organization who are directly or indirectly associated with socio - economic and socio - cultural activities in various ways. The strength of the organization lies in its grass root level workers base spread widely throughout its area of operation in the state. Its operational strategy is to preserve and promote the social and cultural values and enable the poor to become self reliant through the training orientation, education and technology support.

Major Initiatives

  • Reproductive child health program.
  • Adult education program.
  • Health & Sanitation program.
  • Women empowerment and entrepreneurship development program.
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and control program.
  • School and rural sanitation program.
  • Capacity building of ASHA health workers.
  • Livelihood promotion through SHGs.
  • Watershed development program.
  • Micro finance program.

  • Our Strength

    KFD has a wealth of experience and expertise, not to mention strategic partnerships; a factor that immensely strengthens delivery in our core service areas. We have a team of 40 professionally qualified staff to undertake interventions successfully. KFFD collaborates with a range of partners, including private sector firms in provision of services.

  • Market and Business oriented initiative
  • Approach through peer educator
  • Establishing collaborative partnership
  • Operational base - Madhya Pradesh
  • Professionally trained faculty
  • Available required infrastructural facilities
  • Sound financial capacity
  • Working in convergence model
  • Potential for replication
  • Now a situation is reached where more than half the population of the world lives without very basic civic facilities, two third of the population is not having access to safe drinking water, and sanitation facilities thousands of mothers-children dies each year due to lack of medical facilities all these factors coupled with wide spread illiteracy give menacing proportions to the already grave problem. Over exploitation of natural resources like, soil, water, air and vegetation cause reduction in ground water table & its contamination, depletion of forest reserves and vegetative cover, soil erosion & drop in yield, green house effect, flood, drought and starvation.

    This gloomy picture presents a challenge for voluntary action & hence the need for NGOs activity. To bring about the desired change in the society in terms of both quantity and quality requires interventions that are more human and community oriented.