Kailash Foundation For Development (KFD), is a non-government and nonprofit organization operating in Madhya Pradesh this is only kind of organization which is 12A, 80G, ISO 9001:2008 Certified NGO.Which had its inception and subsequent registration in the year 1996. This organization was established by a group of committed individuals in order to render social services among the poor and needy. The organization since its inception is striving to be a pioneer organization specializing at developing and empowering communities to improve their quality of life and become more productive. The organization had its focus attention towards the quality of life of the informal sector communities through interventions that promote sustainable development and empower them to foster their own development.

The organization is also rendering its valuable services for various technical and social causes of the weaker section. The organization carries out a wide range of developmental activities, however, its thrust areas of working are literacy, women & child development, poverty eradication, rehabilitation work, health & hygiene, especially for the poor tribal mass. At present, there are nearly 18,000 poor families under the fold of the organization who are directly or indirectly associated with socio - economic and socio - cultural activities in various ways. The strength of the organization lies in its grassroots level workers base spread widely throughout its area of operation in the state. Its operational strategy is to preserve and promote the social and cultural values and enable the poor to become self reliant through the training orientation, education and technology support.

Our Pillars

The French Revolution constituted for the conscience of the dominant aristocratic class a fall from innocence, and upturning of the natural chain of events that resounded.


The purpose of this volume is to highlight connections between the fields of communication and leadership to help address the problem of women in leadership.


We focus primarily on women because we believe that even people considered to be the most disadvantaged in society are capable of driving the change they need.


We bring young educated professionals to work alongside people in the poorest villages, and they are chosen for their empathy as well as their technical expertise.

Our Members